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Comfortfull Full Face Mask with Headgear


Part Number: 1004950


Product Information-

The ComfortFull mask has been designed to ensure the comfortable fit and effective therapy patients need to maintain compliance. It gives a better option for patients who have difficulty complying with nasal mask therapy due to mouth breathing. And it sits lower on the nose, eliminating pressure on the nose bridge.

Adjustable forehead arm and pads provide the best angle for seal and comfort - without over tightening the headgear. Adjustable forehead support raises and lowers for proper mask angle. Quick release hose swivel easily disconnects the hose from the mask for greater nighttime mobility. Soft textured dual-flap cushion for ultimate in comfort and performance. ComfortHeadgearTM is specifically designed for a sturdier, more stable mask foundation. Ball-and-socket clips allow for best angle of headgear support and simple insertion or removal. Exhalation diffuser offers quiet exhalation. Entrainment valve provides quick access to room air if pressure is less than 3 cm H2O.

Full support MSRP $249
Limited support MSRP $199

  Mask Size

Prescription item.
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